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August 24, 2001
This Week's Video Picks
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This week my picks are Smiling Fish and Goat on Fire (1999 - ) and Chasing Amy (1997 - ).

The first film this week is a micro-budgeted indie that is finally coming to video a full year after its theatrical release. Derick and Steven Martini co-wrote and co-star in Smiling Fish and Goat on Fire, a film about two brothers who take new directions in their love lives. It is an effective, laid-back romantic comedy in the vein of The Tao of Steve, and its stars show great potential for future success (and ability to get actual financing).
Full review from September 11, 2000

The second pick is entirely unrelated to the first, other than the fact that it is also a romantic comedy with some serious undertones. The real reason for making Chasing Amy a pick this week is the release of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, which finally ends the storyline of the five-film series. Amy is the centerpiece, and the one true great film that writer/director Kevin Smith has made so far. It involves an unconventional love triangle between three comic book artists (Ben Affleck, Joey Lauren Adams, and Jason Lee), which goes deep into human sexuality while still finding the humor within it.

For more information, visit the Internet Movie Database:
Goat on Fire and Smiling Fish (1999) -- original title
Chasing Amy (1997)

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