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February 7, 2001
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This week my picks are Dr. T and the Women (2000 - ) and MASH (1970 - ).

The first film this week is the latest from legendary director Robert Altman, who brings together another all-star ensemble. Richard Gere takes the lead as Dr. Sullivan Travis, a Dallas gynecologist who is known by his rich clientele as "Dr. T". When his wife (Farrah Fawcett) goes crazy and gets naked at the mall, he has to manage a house full of women while his daughter (Kate Hudson) gets ready for her wedding. Other characters include Helen Hunt as the new golf pro in town who brings love into Dr. T's life while Mrs. T is finger painting in a mental hospital, Laura Dern as his sister-in-law who moves into his house, and Shelley Long as his head nurse who, like every other woman in town, is madly in love with him. The screenplay by Anne Rapp (Cookie's Fortune) is light as a feather, but Altman turns it into a technical tour de force, juggling characters in a scene unlike any other director.
Full review from October 19, 2000

However, like any director, Altman is at his best with a great screenplay, which is exactly what Ring Lardner Jr. provided for the second film, winning himself an Academy Award in the process. Based on the novel by Richard Hooker, MASH depicts the tour of duty of surgeon "Hawkeye" Pierce (Donald Sutherland) in a mobile hospital during the Korean War. He manages to buck authority while saving lives with fellow surgeons "Trapper" John McIntyre (Elliott Gould) and "Duke" Forrest (Tom Skerritt). At once a hilarious comedy and an incisive satire, MASH helped establish Altman as a serious director who understood comedy. The film also inspired a long-running sitcom whose final episode was the highest-rated in history.

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