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January 31, 2001
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This week my picks are What Lies Beneath (2000 - ) and The Lodger (1926 - ).

The first film this week was one of two big hits that director Robert Zemeckis released last year. Michelle Pfeiffer stars as a woman who is haunted by the ghost of a dead girl who had an affair with her husband (Harrison Ford). Zemeckis shamelessly steals from Hitchcock to make the best bad movie of 2000, which of course was a big hit in a year when even bad-bad movies made money. This was in stark contrast to Zemeckis' follow-up hit, Cast Away, which was the worst great film of the year.
Full review from July 26, 2000

The most surprising Hitchcockian reference in What Lies Beneath was to the second film, which was The Master's first work in what would be his trademark genre. The Lodger is an updated (to the mid-1920s) story about Jack the Ripper, starring Ivor Novello as a mysterious man who may or may not be the infamous serial killer. Since the film was silent, Hitchcock had to invent a way to convey footsteps from the floor above. He simply made a glass floor, and shot Novello walking on it from underneath -- which is exactly what Zemeckis does at one point in his film. The Lodger shows the bright creativity of the young director (he was only 27 when it was released) finding his own style.

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