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September 27, 2000
This Week's Video Picks
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This week my picks are Joe Gould's Secret (2000 - ) and Big Night (1996 - ).

Like their creator, the films of Stanley Tucci are works of quiet genius. His latest film is the first pick this week. Tucci plays legendary New Yorker columnist Joseph Mitchell, who wrote articles about Joe Gould (Ian Holm), a homeless man who claims to be writing an oral history of the world. Most of the film looks into the relationship between the two men and life in Greenwich Village in the early 1950s. The brilliant performances by Holm and Tucci make the film really stand out among this year's entries. It remains the only new American film to receive four stars from in 2000. Few other critics bestowed it such high praise, but this film touched me in a very deep way. I hope you could have the same experience.
Full review from May 3, 2000

Next is Tucci's directorial debut, in partnership with Campbell Scott. Big Night tells the story of two Italian brothers (Tucci and Tony Shalhoub) who try to run a restaurant in America. It's a simple story of family, love, tradition, and jealousy. Again, what makes this film so wonderful are the fine performances and well-formed characters. Seemingly without effort, Tucci and company manage to pull you into their story and make you feel all of their joy and pain. Big Night was one of the most highly praised films of 1996, but it failed to receive any nominations from the Academy or the Foreign Press. Joe Gould's Secret may suffer the same fate, having come out so early in the year with such a low profile. Please, don't let that deter you from finally watching these great films on video.

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