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September 6, 2000
This Week's Video Picks
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This week my picks are American Psycho (2000 - ) and Psycho (1960 - ).

What drives a man to murder? Two different scenarios are explored in the featured selections. In the case of American Psycho's Patrick Bateman, yuppie par excellence, murder is one of the only thrills that Patrick can derive from his shallow modern life, matched only by an evening spent listening to the early works of Genesis. The eerie dichotomy of the misogynistic slasher and the Huey Lewis and the News fan leaves you unsure of whether or not you want him to get away with his crimes or pay for them. The film is painted in broad, garish tones, and there is a sarcastic, sadistic glee in which both story and storyteller revel.
Full review from April 19, 2000

American Psycho's onscreen violence follows the current tradition of leaving nothing gory to the imagination, a philosophy not followed by master moviemaker Alfred Hitchcock in the classic Psycho. Norman Bates is a momma's boy with a secret, and Janet Leigh and her shower curtain are the innocent victims. Stunningly innovative cinematography enhances the intricate storyline, and Anthony Perkins continues to impress me with his ability to be so mild and so furious without giving off the impression that he has the capacity for any other emotional extreme than the one he's in. A drawn-out explanation scene at the end is the only thing that holds this film back from receiving four glorious stars.

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