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February 9, 2000
This Week's Video Picks
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This week my picks are Trick (1999 - ) and Suspicion (1941 - ).

The first film this week is a new twist on an old theme. Christian Campbell (brother of Neve) is a young gay songwriter in New York. Feeling lonely, he picks up a go-go dancer (John Paul Pitoc), and brings him back to his apartment. His roomate is occupied with his girlfriend, so Campbell and Pitoc search around the city for a place to be alone. Some criticized this film for being too old-fashioned, but who says that all gay-themed films have to be groundbreaking? I found it to be a delightful comedy, filled with many amusing characters. Even the presence of Tori Spelling doesn't ruin it. For that, the film should be commended.
Full review from August 12, 1999

I suppose the recent restoration of Rear Window has gotten me into a Hitchcock mood. For my second pick, I chose a scenario where rushing into a relationship isn't necessarily a good thing. Heiress Joan Fontaine meets the dashing Cary Grant and quickly falls in love, so they get married. Soon she suspects him of lying about his income, and possibly trying to murder her for her money. Suspicion isn't nearly the classic that Notorious is, but only The Master could have a film this good be considered a lesser work. It was nominated for a Best Picture Oscar (up against Citizen Kane, The Maltese Falcon, Here Comes Mr. Jordan, and the winning How Green Was My Valley) and Fontaine won for Best Actress.

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