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September 1, 1999
This Week's Video Picks
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This week my picks are Office Space (1999 - ) and Lost in America (1985 - ).

The first film is the first live-action feature directed by Mike Judge, creator of the "Beavis and Butthead" and "King of the Hill" animated TV shows. Based on his series of "Milton" shorts from "Saturday Night Live", the film takes place in a banking software company. Two of the engineers find out they are going to be laid off, and one is getting promoted, even though he hardly ever shows up anymore. The three of them hatch a scheme, admittedly taken from Superman III, to embezzle money by introducing a virus into the computer system they work on. At times brilliant, and other times tedious, this film does manage to take a few Dilbert-esque jabs at the modern workplace. Jennifer Aniston has a small role as a waitress, and Judge makes a cameo as her boss, credited under the name William King.

The main character in Office Space decides to drop out of his job by just not showing up. In the second film, Albert Brooks leaves his corporate job to drop out of society and live on a Winnebago with his wife, played by Julie Haggerty. On their Easy Rider-inspired road trip, Haggerty loses their "nest egg" in Las Vegas, and they are forced to return to society. Only this time, they have to live in a trailer park and find jobs in the small town they are stuck in. This would be a good choice to watch after seeing The Muse. It's Brooks at his best, using witty (and often hilarious) dialogue to skewer the yuppie culture of the mid-1980's.

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