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OK, so you want your name in my novel, Trapped Under the Hudson River. Great, I'm very pleased. I just need you to waive your right to sue me (Matt Heffernan) for libel, as this will be a web-published work of fiction copyrighted to me. If you volunteer your name, you give me permission to attach that name to any character I see fit, regardless of that character's, well, characteristics. If you, "John Q. Volunteer", give me your name, this novel will (unless I get too many damn names) contain a character named "John Q. Volunteer" who may not reflect your personal values. He/She may be a villain or a hero, an atheist or a religious zealot, a homosexual or a Republican -- anything goes. While the character may share your name, he/she/it will not necessarily bear any other similarity to you unless by coincidence. Just think, there's probably some poor bastard out there named Holden Caufield, so no matter what, you won't be any worse off than him.

So, please choose from the following options:

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