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Production Stills from The Running

Jim (William Oliver Watkins, left) and Andy (Charles Roden) spot the World Compliance Center from the side of the road.
Jim looks to his destiny while Andy looks tired.
Jim meets the Receptionist (Lauren Snyder), lying about having an appointment for an interview.
The first applicant (Stewart Shaw) talks to Jim about the letter he received, urging him to "make the right choice."
The Recruiter (Christine Goodman) discusses "the choice" with Jim and Andy.
The second applicant (Ruth Darcy) is excited about making the choice, and thanks the Recruiter for bringing her here.
Andy ponders Jim's sanity.
Jim ponders Andy's inability to grasp the concept of making the right choice.
With Jim at his interview, the remaining applicants (from left: Carmen Lynch, Gianna Esposito, Rich Wrightson, Eugene Kopman) crowd around Andy, spewing more propaganda.
Andy is flanked by more applicants (from left: Rich Wrightson, Eugene Kopman, Ray DeJohn, Kelly Chippendale).
Jim emerges from his interview, dazed at the prospect of actually making the choice.
BONUS: Here's the artsy black-and-white promotional still required by Sundance for submission. I have no idea why they need it, but here it is. Please email to have a glossy print mailed to you, if you simply must have one.

For purposes of continuity, a Polaroid camera is indispensable on a film set, even in the age of digital photography (if only those damn little cameras could print!). Below is a collage of headshots taken by Lauren Snyder and Matt Heffernan (and possibly others) for hair, makeup, and costuming continuity. The whole cast is represented, but unfortunately only the full-body shots could be found for Kelly and Carmen.

All pictures are Copyright 2001 Slithy Films.

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