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About Slithy Films...

Slithy Films is an independent venture founded by Matt Heffernan, editor and chief film critic for FilmHead.com. Since 2000, this start-up studio has completed production on eight films, and currently has two in production, with more to come.

The range of Slithy Films' production goes from sub-minute shorts made for the Internet to feature-length documentaries made for video. Not a single frame of celluloid has been exposed by Slithy Films -- our productions are 100% digital. Not only is digital filmmaking more cost-effective than traditional film, it is also more flexible and easily ported to emerging technologies, like streaming Internet video and DVD. We all like the visual accessibility of 35mm film as much as the next guy, but digital video (DV) cuts costs dramatically, enabling us to concentrate on the art of filmmaking instead of economics. The result is a studio that can create high-quality productions on a very small budget.

Slithy Films is not only dedicated to self-promotion. If you need a video produced for business purposes, whether it's an instructional film, a presentation, or just plain old corporate propaganda, our services are available. We can also help produce your own project, whether you have a screenplay you want to bring to life, or if you just see something in the world that must be captured in a documentary. If you are looking for these services, or something similar, please send a message to matt@filmhead.com.

Of course, our main focus is our own work. We are always looking for new talent to use in our dramatic films. If you want to be in the movies, and don't care about paltry issues like getting paid or union regulations, send your résumé and headshot to casting@filmhead.com. All of our productions are in the greater New York-New Jersey area. Exciting things are happening right now at Slithy Films, and there are plenty of great opportunities.

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