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Welcome to Slithy Films

We've been around for a while, making short films, documentaries, and other video productions. This website -- which is still in its nascent stage and has yet to be officially launched -- is the Internet presence of this digital studio. We hope to create more content for the Internet soon, in addition to our current offerings. To learn more about Slithy Films and what we do, please see our information page.

Announcing our next production for the Internet: The Running

Slithy Films is proud to announce its upcoming dramatic short: The Running. It is the most ambitious project to date for Slithy Films and will be the main attraction of the slithyfilms.com launch.

For more information on this exciting project (including the trailer and new production stills!), see the official SF5: The Running webpage.

Here are the films we are currently offering online, free of charge. Please feel free to download them for your viewing pleasure off-line, as well.

SF3: Hello View - Quicktime, 1050KB Running time: 28 seconds
Written and Directed by Matt Heffernan
Hello is a deceptively simple experiment in A/V editing that threatens the fabric of space-time as we know it. The film is also kinda neat.

SF1: Darkness View - RealVideo, 43KB
View - MPEG, 461KB
Running time: 11 seconds
Written and Directed by Matt Heffernan
Darkness was the first film to bear the Slithy Films logo. It defies premise or explanation.

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