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giftrans.exe Make your GIF's transparent!

DOS program. Put in a directory on your path (e.g. c:\dos, c:\windows) At command prompt type:

giftrans -t #ffffff image.gif > timage.gif

where image.gif is the original image and timage.gif is the new transparent image. #ffffff is the hex code for white, which will become transparent in the new image. You can make other colors transparent by using their codes. Example: Standard Yellow is Red:255, Green:255, Blue:0. 255 in Hex is ff, and 0 is 00, therefore the code is #ffff00. Paint Shop Pro and other programs will tell you the 3-value code of of each color.



What the HELL is hex?

Well, it's short for hexadecimal, or base 16 numbers. We are accustomed to the decimal, or base 10 numbers. For us computer geeks, hex is an easier way of representing data since it translates directly to binary (you know, all those 1's and 0's!). Anyways, I wrote this program in case you don't know how to use the calculator that comes with windows, and convert RGB color codes to hex by yourself. This will prompt you for the values of Red, Green, and Blue, then gives you the hex code, as you would type it on the command line with giftrans. rgbhex.exe is the DOS program, and rgbhex.c is the source code for those that know C and want to make a more creative interface. You can take this code and do whatever you want with it, I don't care. It took me about one minute to write, and I don't feel it is worthy of a copyright.




This will not be of much use to anybody, but here is my computer Organization project. This is microcode for a virtual micro-processor. The cmemory file is loaded by an ultrix program and then executes the assembly program in the memory file. Nothing very interesting, I just wanted a link to it from here.

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