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3419 Warners Rd
Camillus, NY 13031

Objective: To continue work in software design and use extensive knowledge of embedded systems. After much experience with designing and testing embedded software, and designing test applications, I would like to use this experience to help companies create stable, efficient products. Most desired is a place on a hard-working, enthusiastic team able to work quickly and creatively.

Aug. 1993 - May 1998 Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY
Degree: Bachelor of Science, May 1998
Major: Computer Engineering
Professional Concentration: Software Engineering
Liberal Arts Concentration: Music
Honors: Presidential Scholar; Alumni Scholar
Technical Subjects:
Programming (Modula 2, Assembly, C, C++), Calculus, Differential Equations, Circuit Analysis, Digital Systems Design, Digital and Linear Control Systems, Electronics, Operating Systems, Physics, CMOS VLSI Design, Computer Organization, Probability and Statistics, Computer Architecture, Engineering Design of Software, Concurrent Software Design, Data and Computer Communications.

Technical Skills:
Computer Languages: C, C++, MFC, HTML, Ruby, PHP, Java, Perl, Modula 2, BASIC, TCL, LISP, various Assembly Languages for CPUs and DSPs (Motorola, Intel).

Operating Systems: Extensive experience with most OSs, including Windows, MacOS, Linux, UNIX, MS-DOS

Software: Microsoft Office XP, Microsoft Visual Studio, Continuus, VxWorks/Tornado, LabVIEW, Adobe Premiere, Adobe PhotoShop, Quark Xpress, Final Cut Pro, Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro, among many others in various fields.

General: Exceptionally fast learner of new software, platforms, and languages. Excellent abilities to use new knowledge to teach others. Analytical abilities that find design problems quickly and provide solutions, thus developing reputation as one who can break anything, say why it broke, whose fault it was, and how it can be fixed.

Work Experience:
August 2000 - present Slithy Films
Founder and Creative Director
Production of independent documentaries and dramatic films supported by event videography. Record digital video, edit on desktop computer, add titles and music/sound effects, master on DV tapes and copy to VHS. Convert short subjects to streaming video for the internet, distributing on website - Most projects are done single-handedly; some have involved management of small crews of assistant directors, camera operators, and other production assistants.

June 1999 - present
Webmaster and Film Critic
Editor of small staff of writers, including self, for highly visible entertainment website. Designed site using raw HTML (programmed by hand rather than using program like FrontPage to generate code), and completely manage site content with FTP. Other management includes email accounts and server configuration. Also responsible for publicity of site, which enjoys a consistent rate of growth in readers, and for association with, which brings income through customer referral for film-related merchandise (videos, DVDs, books, CDs, games, etc.).

June 1998 - Dec. 2001 Intel Corporation (Originally employed by Dialogic Corporation until acquisition in July 1999)
Firmware Engineer
Designed, maintained, and tested embedded software for ISDN/CAS network interface cards for call center/voice mail/PBX systems. Software was object-oriented in design, using C/C++ and assembler for Motorola and Intel CPUs and Motorola DSPs, and ran on VxWorks-based kernel. Also designed Windows/Linux/Unix applications to test embedded software and its interaction with host library/driver software. Test software was written with C/C++/MFC. Worked in design teams ranging in size from 1 to 7 including self. Became key expert on ISDN products and provided support for other design groups, test groups, and technical support. Also mentored co-op and new full-time employees, along with training both new and veteran employees on using software both commercial and self-designed.

Sep. 1997 - Nov. 1997 Rochester Instrument Systems, Inc.
Software Engineering Co-op, Research & Development Dept.
Tested and maintained embedded software (using C and Motorola assembler) for power monitoring and data-recording products and Windows applications for interacting with said products. Also designed Windows application (using C++/MFC) for end-user to configure a calibration device. Other work included maintenance of firmware archives, and porting development to new platforms (e.g. VMS to Windows) via makefile design and porting version control.

Dec. 1995 - May 1997 Carrier Corporation
Software Engineering Co-op, Carrier Electronics Department.
Developed test software and then used it to test controller and data recorder for industrial refrigeration and air-conditioning products. Software continued to be used by other engineers during hiatus (June through November 1996) and after final departure. Also trained others for use of above-mentioned software and LabVIEW.

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