Here are your Lucky Lotto Numbers:

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How to use LOTTO

By default, LOTTO generates 6 random numbers between 1 and 51, the format of the New York Lotto and of many other states'. You can change the number of picks and the highest number to what your local Lotto uses, or pick numbers for other games. The functions of LOTTO's three buttons are below. Note that some combinations may not yield completely visible results. For example, even though 6 numbers upto 9999 is a valid configuration, some of the last picks may not be visible in this applet. However, if you live in a state where that is your Lotto, just forget about playing altogether. Your chances of winning are more that one sextillion to one, making New York's 25 million to one look like a sure thing.

It is also possible to play single numbers. To play New York's Daily Numbers, set the number of picks to 1 and the highest value to 999. To play the Win 4, set the highest value to 9999. Just add the appropriate number of leading zeroes to your ticket. For example, if you get 48 for your number, play 048 for the Daily Numbers or 0048 for the Win 4. Also, if you want to play the New York Take 5, set the number of picks to 5 and the highest value to 39.

If you want to include this applet in your webpage, feel free to make a link to the copy on my website, using the APPLET tag in the source for this page. If you want to download it to your website in order to have a local link, you must download both Lotto.class and NumDisplay.class. If you do this, I ask that you make no modifications to the code via reverse assembly. There's a good reason why I am not publishing the java source code -- anybody could just put their name on it, and take credit (or do something really stupid to it and leave my name there for the blame). What would make me very happy would be if you made a link to this page from your page, that way all these instructions would be seen.

If you find any bugs, or have any praise or suggestions for enhancement, please email me.

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