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Welcome to the scrapbook. I've finally compiled and formatted all the pictures, and they are ready for your perusal. I took two rolls of film, but Bill had a digital camera, so he could just keep on taking pictures to his heart's content. With me being such a technophile, you'd think that I'd finally advance into the age of digital photgraphy, but I still prefer the way things look on film. Anyway, it turns out that Bill sent me a lot of pictures, and even by only selecting the best ones, his work certainly dominates this site. A great deal of thanks go to him for the creation of the scrapbook, and to the rest of the cast and crew for making Sabrina Fair such a pleasure to work on. Now, on to the pictures!
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Shots from rehearsal on stage and in the lobby. Thanks to Bill and his digital camera for all of these.
Shots from under the stage, where I spent most of my time.
Shots from various gatherings and parties.

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