Twin Falls Idaho

Directed by Michael Polish
Starring: Michael Polish, Mark Polish, Michelle Hicks.
MPAA Rating: R for language.

Review by Matt Heffernan
August 21, 1999

For some couples, divorce is not an option.

Twins Michael and Mark Polish make their film debuts (unless you count bit parts in Hellraiser: Bloodline) as conjoined twins Francis and Blake Falls. For their birthday, Francis calls for a prostitute. A girl named Penny (Michelle Hick, also in a debut) arrives at the dilapidated hotel they live in. When she sees her customer, she runs off, leaving her purse. She returns to pick it up, and makes a phone call. They let her stay to wait for a call back as they eat their cake. She falls asleep, then awakes in the middle of the night to sounds of puking coming from the bathroom.

Francis is very sick, apparently from the flu, but Blake is fine. Blake normally is the one who takes charge, but he is stuck in bed while Francis is ill. Penny helps them out by getting them medicine and food. She meets them again on Halloween, the only day they can go out, and she takes them to a party. Afterwards, she watches them play guitar and sing harmony together. With Francis usually out of commission, she starts to fall in love with Blake. This makes Francis jealous, not of Penny, but of Blake.

Twin Falls Idaho was written by the Polish brothers, and directed by Michael. This is a very impressive debut of a writing and directing team, as well as a good start to two acting careers. It is a very interesting film, exploring some areas of human nature that are unique to people who are physically joined together. In fact, it is done so convincingly, you forget that they are not really conjoined.

The story doesn't always move along at a good pace, but the cinematography is very well done. Some very good images are made, but the film is never completely involving. It goes on a little too long, the last 15 minutes dragging. But, it is still watchable, and helped by brief appearances by Garrett Morris and Lesley Ann Warren as the twins' mother.

I would recommend seeing this, if for no other reason than it's the best film in an otherwise lackluster weekend of premieres.

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