Not Another Teen Movie

Directed by Joel Gallen
Starring: Jaime Pressly, Chris Evans, Chyler Leigh, Eric Christian Olsen, Cody McMains, Samm Levine, Sam Huntington, Ron Lester, Mia Kershner, Eric Jungmann, Deon Richmond, Cerina Vincent, Lacey Chabert.
MPAA Rating: R for strong crude sexual content and humor, language and some drug content.

Review by Eugene Kopman <>
January 11, 2002

Contrary to popular believe -- this is still just another teen movie. It has the basic plot of a teen film and (intentionally) bad acting. The only difference between this film and a typical late 90's teen movie is that this one is funny because of the jokes instead of stupidity.

Janey Briggs (Chyler Leigh) is the typical teen movie dork: glasses, pony tail and paint-covered overalls. She is dirt poor and lives in a house with her horny brother Mitch Briggs (Cody McMains) and her father (Randy Quaid), who is an unemployed drunk. On the other side we have Jake Wyler (Chris Evans), the most popular guy in school. He just broke up with the most popular girl in school, Priscilla (Jaime Pressly), and is looking for a date to the senior prom. His friend Austin (Eric Christian Olsen) bets him that he won't be able to make the most hideous girl into prom queen. Does that sound familiar? Yes, it's She's All That. So between a girl with a hump, Siamese twins, and Janey, Austin picks Janey. Jake's response is that it is unfair because she "has glasses, a pony tail, and paint colored overalls." For help, Jake goes to his sister, Catherine (Mia Kirshner), who wants to jump his bones. This is the cruelest girl in school, clearly like Sarah Michelle Gellar in Cruel Intentions. All she does is takes Janey's glasses, takes out the ponytail, puts a dress on her and now Janey is beautiful -- corny but funny.

There are so many characters in this film it is hard to keep track of them: Malik (Deon Richmond), the token black guy, who is the wisest out of everyone but is only used to say things like "Damn" and "That is wack"; Areola (Cerina Vincent), the foreign exchange student who is always, always naked; and Amanda Becker (Lacey Chabert) the most perfect girl in school, playing Jennifer Love Hewitt from Can't Hardly Wait, who makes the crowd motionless with her slow-motion entrance.

There are two highlights in this film. The first one is a spoof on The Breakfast Club when Mitch, his friend Ox (Sam Huntington), and Bruce (Samm Levine), a white guy who thinks he's Chinese, get detention where Paul Gleason reprises his Breakfast Club role as Richard Vernon in a great spoof on the dialogue between Judd Nelson and Gleason. The second highlight is Molly Ringwald; I can't say more than that.

I love spoofs, especially the ones on genres that I hate, like these stupid late-90's teen movies. In my opinion, Freddy Prinze Jr. should be shot for impersonating an actor, and this movie shows that anyone can play his roles and that all his movies are ultimately the same. With parodies on everything including the films mentioned above plus American Pie, Bring It On, 10 Things I Hate About You, Never Been Kissed, Varsity Blues, Almost Famous, and even Grease with the movie's musical number, Not Another Teen Movie is funny, but along with too many characters, a typical plot and some scenes that are simply disgusting, it is still just another teen movie. Both Scary Movie and Scary Movie 2 were much better.

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