Under Hellgate Bridge

Directed by Mike Sergio
Starring: Michael Rodrick, Jonathan LaPaglia, Dominic Chianese Jr., Jordan Bayne, Brian Vincent, Vincent Pastore.
MPAA Rating: R for strong violence, sexual content, drug use and language.

Review by Eugene Kopman <eugene@filmhead.com>
June 1, 2001

Some say that once you have seen one mob movie, you've seen them all. I strongly disagree with that and Under Hellgate Bridge wouldn't totally fall into that "seen them all" category. Even though this movie does have a good plot, it is not very original and is quite predictable.

In this film, Ryan (Michael Rodrick) returns home after serving two years in jail for drugs to find his brother, Jimmy, dead by drug overdose and his ex-girlfriend, Carla (Jordan Bayne), who set him up to go to prison, married to his arch enemy Vincent (Jonathan LaPaglia). Ryan also finds his other brother, Eddie (Brian Vincent), has kept up his heroine addiction. Pretty much, Vincent wants Ryan gone and Ryan wants to avenge his brother's death and get back with Carla before he leaves. This institutes a few shootouts and a scene where Vincent has sex with Carla while making Ryan watch.

The movie also features fellow "Sopranos" castmates Dominic Chianese, who here plays Father Nichols, a very important secondary character in the movie, and Vincent Pastore as Mitch, Vincent's right-hand man.

Besides a well-written script and direction by writer/director Mike Sergio, what made this movie stand out were the excellent performances by Rodrick, Bayne, Vincent and Chianese. Some scenes, I thought, were unnecessary, like another sex scene between Vincent and Carla and a scene where Teresa (Marie Barrientos), Carla and Vincent's maid, pleasures Mitch with oral sex. Besides this fact and a pretty predictable ending, it wasn't that bad.

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Under Hellgate Bridge (1999)

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