Directed by Gregory Poirier
Starring: Jerry O'Connell, Shannon Elizabeth, Jake Busey, Horatio Sanz, Jaime Pressly, Bill Maher.
MPAA Rating: R for strong sexual content including dialogue, and for language.

Review by Matt Heffernan <>
April 18, 2001

How much does the world need another review of Tomcats at this point? Not very much, so this is going to be short. I saw the film when it first came out over two weeks ago, but just haven't had time to review it. Basically, I'm going to break this brief review down into two parts.

First: the film that was advertised. Jerry O'Connell and his horny friends Jake Busey and Horatio Sanz have one helluva good time getting it on with various hot chicks. A 1980s-style sex comedy, la Bachelor Party, was promised, complete with obligatory nudity and crude humor. Tomcats was supposed to be a whole lot of fun without any pretense of making a decent film.

Second: the actuality of the released film. Tomcats depends on a silly scam-your-friend-to-stay-alive premise to move along. With a little language cleaned up, it could have been PG-13. The ad which implied that the breasts of a certain actress would be things seen in the movie were completely fraudulent. In fact, all nudity was cut from the film proper, with only one existing shot of a topless extra (who appeared in lingerie in the final cut) put in the obligatory outtakes over the closing credits. What is left is a film that genuinely tries to be a sweet romantic comedy about a life-or-death love triangle between O'Connell, Busey, and Shannon Elizabeth. At times it almost succeeds, but its desire for crudeness undermines the whole film.

The result is that the first release from Joe Roth's Revolution Studios plays to no particular audience. It simply has no reason to exist. Next?

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