The Forsaken

Directed by J.S. Cardone
Starring: Kerr Smith, Brendan Fehr, Johnathon Schaech, Izabella Miko.
MPAA Rating: R for strong violence/gore, language and sexuality.

Review by Matt Heffernan <>
May 8, 2001

I'll keep this review brief.

Don't bother seeing The Forsaken at the theatre. It's not worth the money, and chances are you will resent the expense and the subsequent experience. It's another stupid vampire movie filled with models (several of whom from last year's insufferable Final Destination) who can't act.

However, it was much funnier than the alleged comedy I watched right before it: One Night at McCool's. No other film out there right now has this level of cheesy goodness. One character actually says to another, "Who gave you the right to play God with her life?" Or something close to that. Whatever the real quote was, it makes the film worth at least a rental. Plus, there are other wonderfully awful lines, delivered without the slightest hint of irony, and more gratuitous nudity than you can shake a stick at. The opening title actually appears over a woman covered in blood taking a shower, her nipples the focal point of the shot.

It is refreshing to know that films like these are still being made. It's just shocking that studios still release them.

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