On the Line

Directed by Eric Bross
Starring: Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Gregory Qaiyum, James Bulliard.
MPAA Rating: PG for language and some crude humor.

Editor's Note: Understandably, nobody on the FilmHead.com staff wanted to see this film, which was made purely as a feature-length commercial for *NSYNC's latest album. Regular contributor Eugene Kopman enlisted his friend, Gina Galatioto, to review On the Line. She is an actual *NSYNC fan, as you can see from her email address. I am publishing this review as proof that this film is worthless, even to its key demographic. If she didn't like it, what chance has anybody else? -- Matt Heffernan

Review by Gina Galatioto <pita4nsync@aol.com>
November 15, 2001

On the Line is for the true *NSYNC fan. It showcases Lance Bass's multifaceted talents. The plot is a bit far-fetched; however, if you plan to see a heartfelt love story, this is the movie right for you. It is basically a story of boy-meets-girl, boy-loses-girl, and boy-finds-girl.

Kevin Gibbons (Lance Bass) meets a young girl, (Emmanuelle Chriqui) while sitting on a train. Just as the train arrives at its last stop, Kevin parts with the girl only to realize that he has forgotten to ask her name. More frustrated than ever before, Kevin goes back to work and realizes that he must stop at nothing to find out who this girl really is.

In the meantime, Kevin's friends Rod (Joey Fatone), Eric (Gregory Qaiyum) and Randy (James Bulliard) think up a scheme in which they track the girl from the train by using an elaborate system.

There were many useless subplots throughout this film; however, the one that is worth mentioning is the friendship between Kevin and his co-worker Nathan (Jerry Stiller). Nathan is completely supportive of Kevin and directs him with advice along the way.

Lance Bass gave a good performance for his first time in a leading role; however, I don't think his friends were from this planet. Even I could have done a better job. Jerry Stiller is the only person besides Lance Bass who knows how to act in this movie. If you are an avid *NSYNC fan, I suggest that you see it. If not, your best bet would be to stay home and rent a movie worth seeing.

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