Directed by David Mamet
Starring: Gene Hackman, Danny DeVito, Delroy Lindo, Sam Rockwell, Rebecca Pidgeon, Ricky Jay.
MPAA Rating: R for language and some violence.

Review by Eugene Kopman <eugene@filmhead.com>
December 16, 2001

Heist is obviously a heist film, but this is one of the best. This is definitely a year for heist films with The Score being a great film and this one turning out to be even better. The moviegoers agree with me because in its first week, Heist made it to number five at the box office, making it the first top-ten film for writer/director David Mamet.

Gene Hackman plays Joe Moore, a professional boat builder who is also a jewel and gold thief who decides to retire because he got his face seen on camera during his last heist with his partners. Joe's team consists of ex-con Bobby Blane (Delroy Lindo), stuntman Don "Pinky" Pincus (Ricky Jay), and his wife, Fran (Rebecca Pidgeon).

After letting his buyer/silent partner, Bergman (Danny DeVito), know that he's out, Bergman first scams Joe out of his fair share from the last job and tells him that he must do one last thing: rob a Swiss gold shipment. Joe agrees because his motto is "Love makes the world go 'round... love of gold" and Bergman gives him his fair share and promises not to scam him on this deal. The catch is, Bergman's nephew, Jimmy Silk (Sam Rockwell) has to come along to make sure Joe doesn't scam him. Jimmy is a wise ass who is quick to go for the gun. He also takes a liking to Fran.

It is clear that Joe does not intend to give Bergman his share of the gold, but now, he and his team need to figure out how get Jimmy off their backs and still manage to do the heist of a lifetime.

Gene Hackman give his best dramatic performance since The French Connection. He plays Joe so cool, as Pinky puts it, "that when he goes to sleep, the sheep count him." Danny DeVito is great as the guy who will do anything to get his money. Big credit also goes to the supporting cast, who have to change their characters every so often because of the twists in this film. This movie has more twists than a Rubix Cube, but they all make sense if one pays attention. With Mamet, you are guaranteed a great screenplay filled with witty humor and smart conversation. Good ol' Dave doesn't disappoint this time. With a great story that keeps you guessing, a wonderful cast and simple but great direction by Mamet, I don't know if any heist movie this year will come close to this one, or in any year to come.

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