The Golden Bowl

Directed by James Ivory
Starring: Uma Thurman, Jeremy Northam, Nick Nolte, Kate Beckinsale, Angelica Huston, James Fox.
MPAA Rating: R for a sex scene.

Review by Matt Heffernan <>
June 1, 2001

This is one Merchant-Ivory production that I don't mind short-changing with a brief review.

The Indo-American duo makes their latest British film, this time adapting Henry James' American ex-pat story The Golden Bowl. Uma Thurman stars as a young woman who has run out of wealth. Her lover, an Italian prince (Jeremy Northam putting on an unconvincing accent) has also seen better times, and must marry someone of means. He chooses Uma's friend, American heiress Kate Beckinsale (with her attempt at an American accent, but since the character lives in England, the weakness is OK). In response, Thurman marries Beckinsale's father (Nick Nolte).

And then the film goes on for what seems like forever. The Golden Bowl may be another lush production full of exquisite costumes and beautiful photography, but it lacks the substance of Howard's End and Remains of the Day.

Somebody needs to set up a meeting between James Ivory and Anthony Hopkins before they both throw their careers away.

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