Angel Eyes

Directed by Luis Mandoki
Starring: Jennifer Lopez, James Caviezel.
MPAA Rating: R for language, violence and a scene of sexuality.

Review by Eugene Kopman <>
June 1, 2001

I have said it before and I'll say it again, Jennifer Lopez, otherwise known as J. Ho... I mean Lo, should stick to acting. And even though the movie wasn't great, her performance was good.

Lopez plays Sharon Pogue, a Chicago police officer, who a year ago saved a man from a terrible car crash by telling him to look into her eyes until the ambulance came. Now, her life is up to her usual norm. She hates dating because when she reveals that she is a cop, her date always asks her if she has ever killed anyone. Other police officers consider her one of the guys and on top of that, she has problems with her family.

During one of her on-foot chases, the suspect knocks Sharon over and takes her gun. As he is about to kill her, a man jumps out of nowhere and saves her. This man identifies himself as Catch (James Caviezel) and the two become friends, which leads to a relationship. He is a very mysterious man, who doesn't reveal himself to Sharon.

Catch is a very spontaneous human being and Sharon is a paranoid cop. One wouldn't think this relationship would work, but the story doesn't really focus on that. Besides the question of who Catch is, which I was able to tell after about a minute of him on screen, the story focuses on Sharon's relationship with her family. Larry (Jeremy Sisto), Sharon's brother, informs her that their parents are renewing their vows and that Sharon was invited, despite the incident. I won't reveal what exactly happened, but Sharon's father doesn't talk to her anymore because of it. The true highlight of the movie was the final monologue by Sharon at their parents' banquet.

Lopez and Caviezel do a fine job acting in this film. But the predictable storyline and the fact that the movie was extremely slow, made me lower my rating to two stars.

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