Love & Sex

Directed by Valerie Breiman
Starring: Famke Janssen, Jon Favreau, Ann Magnuson, Cheri Oteri, Josh Hopkins.
MPAA Rating: Not Rated (contains sexual language and themes)

Review by Matt Heffernan <>
September 17, 2000

It's been a week since I have seen Love & Sex -- a long, busy week. Normally, I try to write my reviews as soon as possible after seeing the films. The reviews I least like writing are those for mediocre films, especially those that are quite nearly good, but never rise above convention. Love & Sex is such a film. It's not bad, the people in it are likeable, but it is totally uninspiring. Now, I've seen a couple films that have opened this weekend already, so I figured that I should at least get this review out of the way.

Famke Janssen plays Kate Welles, a writer for Monique Magazine. Monique herself (Ann Magnuson) has given her an ultimatum: write a nice, feel-good article about keeping a man that isn't entirely about oral sex, or be fired. She tries looking back at all her past relationships, which all had one thing in common: they didn't last very long. So much for an informed opinion.

She meets an artist named Adam (Jon Favreau), and practically at his assistance, they start going out. They soon move in together. After a while, the relationship loses steam, and they part. They remain friends, but when Kate starts dating Joey Santino (Josh Hopkins) -- Adam's favorite martial-arts B-movie star -- he becomes incredibly jealous.

And so on. Nothing very exceptional, but executed well enough. The screenplay, by director Valerie Breiman, provides a few good laughs. It's surprising, considering her track record. It's her first screenplay, but she has directed two other features. Her first was Going Overboard, which was Adam Sandler's screen debut, and is available on video now solely for that reason. It's also on the IMDb Bottom 100. Good work! Her only other film was a supposed spoof of T&A TV called Bikini Squad, which nobody seems to have seen.

I'd say she has come a long way. Nothing in Love & Sex is offensively bad, because nothing really happens that could provoke offense. Aside from that, I don't remember much about the film. Oh yeah, if you wait long enough, you'll see a cameo from David Schwimmer. OK, that's it.

Now, on to the next unexceptionally mediocre film: Duets.

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