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If you have any web skills at all and also have a passion for film, consider joining FilmHead.com. Since the site is not even remotely profitable, there cannot be any compensation or paid benefits in the near future (possibly never). This site is a purely artistic endeavor. But, this opportunity can provide you with highly valuable experience, or an interesting hobby if you are already highly experienced.

If you want to contribute to FilmHead.com, you can do so from home using your own computer (or from your day job, if your boss doesn't catch you). You could be from anywhere, it doesn't matter. You can do as little or as much as you want. You may even be able to set your own deadlines.

Here are some assignments/positions currently available:

  • Film Critic
    New talent is always needed, and if you are looking to write reviews for current or past films, you can contribute. If you are going to review current films, residence near a major city (especially New York or Los Angeles) would be a benefit, enabling you to review films in very limited release. If you just want to review studio fare, or anything you've seen at the video store, that would be also be welcome. Please send a sample review, or any writing example of a journalistic nature.

  • Translator - English to French, Spanish, German, or other languages
    Job would entail translating reviews on FilmHead.com to another language for use on a mirror site. French, Spanish, or German mastery are preferred. Must also be competent in basic HTML.

  • Researcher/Writer
    Job would entail researching careers of actors and directors, then writing short biographies. At least one year of solid HTML experience is necessary. Please send a writing example that includes bibliographic references (e.g. an academic research paper or professional journal article).

Or, you can come up with some of your own ideas for what to do. To apply, please send email to matt@filmhead.com. In your message, please list what skills you have and a link to an online résumé, if possible. Or, you can attach a plain text file, Microsoft Word document, WordPerfect document, or Adobe Acrobat PDF file containing your résumé. Any information you can supply would be helpful.

Please remember that there is no Human Resources Department here, so be patient. All applicants will be responded to as soon as possible.

More Information:

  • History -- How FilmHead.com was founded and why, and what has happened since.
  • Operations -- How the site is run.
  • Guide to Star Ratings -- A quick explanation of my ratings system.
  • Legal Stuff -- Principles regarding the content of FilmHead.com

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