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FilmHead.com is an independent website run by Matt Heffernan. Reviews are written for every film that is nationally released, usually within a day or two of its premiere. Also, reviews for independent and foreign films are written as often as possible. All the reviews that ever appeared on the site are listed in the review archive.

Every Wednesday, two films are chosen as the Video Picks of the Week. One film will have been recently released to video, and the other will be an older film, usually a classic, that is somehow related. All video picks are available for purchase at Amazon.com. To see all the picks from previous weeks, visit the Video Picks Archive.

FilmHead.com is an associate of Amazon.com. On most reviews, and on each video pick page, there are links for merchandise for sale at Amazon.com. This site is supported by commissions made from these sales. Basically, the more stuff visitors buy, the longer FilmHead.com can exist and expand. No advertisement is accepted, which could bring in even more revenue. Web advertisements often make pages take longer to load, and can be unsightly. The association with Amazon.com provides a service to the visitors of this site, instead of inconveniencing them.

The success of FilmHead.com depends on its visitors. Its full potential can only be reached if people keep coming back. Tell your friends, your family, and the visitors to your own website to visit FilmHead.com for film reviews and more.

More Information:

  • History -- How FilmHead.com was founded and why, and what has happened since.
  • Guide to Star Ratings -- A quick explanation of my ratings system.
  • Legal Stuff -- Principles regarding the content of FilmHead.com
  • Opportunities -- Express yourself. Join the FilmHead.com family!

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